Chemisette à rayures - Lavande

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Upcycling : chemisette confectionnée à partir de tissus dormants

Confection européenne : tissus sauvés en France et revalorisés au Portugal 


Unisexe : les filles, les garçons, les girafons, tout le monde peut porter cette chemisette rayée


5€ par commande reversés à notre association partenaire l'ASGN qui lutte pour la sauvegarde du dernier troupeau de girafes d'Afrique de l'Ouest. 


↔ Coupe oversize

♀ Angélique porte la chemisette en taille S et mesure 1M63

♂ Loïc porte la chemisette en taille M et mesure 1M75


Matière et finition
  • 100% coton blanc aux rayures bleu ciel
  • Broderie sur la poche latérale
  • Col style cubain 
  • Encoche latérale
  • Etiquette tissée girafon bleu créée au Portugal
  • Boutons portugais


 Guide des tailles



↔ Coupe oversize

♂ Loïc porte la chemisette en taille M et mesure 1M75

♀ Angélique porte la chemisette en taille M et mesure 1M63


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In just 30 years, the number of giraffes has dropped by 40%. With blue giraffe®, participate directly in saving the long-necked mammal.

On each order, we donate up to €5 to the Association pour la Sauvegarde des Girafes au Niger. 

ASGN is our partner association, based in Niger. There, we protect the last herd of wild giraffes in Africa!

But how can you be sure that the funds donated really serve the cause of the giraffes? 🤔

Our answer at girafon bleu®: by going to check yourself on site! 

The girafon bleu® team undertakes to visit Niger every year to observe the efforts put in place by its partner ASGN to protect giraffes.

And it works! In 20 years, thanks to the work of the association: the number of giraffes has gone from 50 (virtual extinction) to more than 700 today!

"To save the giraffes, we must also save the men and women who live with them" 

This is the signature of our partner association, which, in addition to protecting the natural habitat of giraffes, will participate in the development of the area where local communities and long-necked mammals coexist.

To support the local populations who live with giraffes, we have created the "blue giraffe micro-credit".

Awarded to women's groups in the region, this microloan helps develop the area and support the giraffes, women, men and children who live there.

How to take care of his beloved girafon bleu garment?


Waschen 30.svg

Wash at 30 degrees maximum.

See to turn the garment inside out before putting it in the washing machine to promote print quality and durability. If there is embroidery, don't worry, it won't move!

Do not mix with dark colored laundry.


Nicht trommeltrocknen.svg

Do not machine dry. 

As soon as the wash is finished, remember to shake your t-shirt to let the fiber breathe and then hang it up. This will prevent the product from shrinking and will prevent creases from forming. Drum washing may damage the print.
Bügeln 1.svg

Compulsory cold ironing. Avoid using steam. 

Do not iron on the prints to avoid damaging them.


Like the colors of t-shirts and sweatshirts new are not yet fixed before the first machine, pay attention to the first washing of these. The colors can disgorge and reach the other clothes. We therefore recommend that you wash your t-shirt alone and in short cycle during its very first wash to avoid unpleasant surprises

 Two giraffes prove that, even in a state of nature, there's no escaping the laundry...

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us:

- by email

- on instagram @girafon.bleu


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