15 000 € reversés pour la sauvegarde des girafes !

Grâce à vous, nous avons pu reversé une aide financière conséquente à notre association partenaire l'ASGN : merci !

Plus de 700 girafes sont ainsi protégées dans cette "Zone Girafe" située à seulement 50 km de la capitale nigérienne. Et pas n'importe quelles girafes ! On parle ici du dernier troupeau sauvage d'Afrique de l'Ouest.

Plus qu'une marque de mode, girafon bleu® s'affirmera cette année 2022 comme un projet durable holistique autour de la protection des girafes, du soutien des communautés locales nigériennes et de la consommation responsable.


Let's go higher for the giraffes

We warn you, we are going all out this year.

Our objective ?

1. Expand our range of eco-responsible clothing

2. Raise as many funds as possible for the giraffes

3. Treat yourself. Because after all you can have fun, dress well and defend a cause at the same time, right?


The beginning of serious things

In January 2020, direction Niger for Emmanuel, the founder of girafon bleu, who is going to meet the ASGN, our partner association dedicated to saving giraffes.

2020 is also the year when 2 new giraffes come to join Emmanuel in developing the brand. Thanks to them, girafon bleu is growing, and more than €9,000 are collected in one year for the protection of giraffes!

Finally, 2020 is also the year of the very first blue giraffe Ulule campaign. A crowdfunding campaign where more than 350 upcycled shirts were ordered.


The creation of blue giraffe

In 2016, the giraffe was officially listed on the red list of animals threatened with extinction by the IUCN, the international union for the conservation of nature.

3 years later, in July 2019, Emmanuel Moggio founded girafon bleu. The idea? Create the first eco-responsible fashion brand that acts to save its favorite animal: the giraffe.

the first blue giraffe t-shirt is launched: it is white, embroidered with a small blue giraffe. It is also unisex, because everyone has the right to save giraffes. And finally, it is made of 100% organic cotton, because to protect giraffes, it is better to preserve the planet at the same time.