Grâce à vous :


On vous l'annonce : 2024 est une année qui sourira aux girafes.

En effet, grâce aux fonds collectés sur chacune de vos commandes, notre association partenaire au Niger l'ASGN a recensé 200 girafes de plus au sein de la réserve de Kouré.

Mais ça n'est pas tout.

Nous avons signé un nouveau partenariat avec MOYO, une association située au Kenya dédiée à la protection des girafes de Rothschild, une sous espèce extrêmement rare.

Les girafons.

Thank you, thanks to you:

€20,000 for the giraffes!

New year and always the same objective: SAVE THE GIRAFFES.

Yes saving is a big word: but our ambition is also big!

For 4 years girafon bleu® has been supporting the ASGN in its work to conserve the tallest mammal in the world.

And it works ! Today the area where we are active in Niger has more than 800 giraffes, whereas there were only 45 left just a few years ago. And it's all thanks to you.

At girafon bleu®, each of your orders generates a donation to the Association for the Safeguarding of Giraffes in Niger.


€15,000 donated to save giraffes!

Thanks to you, we were able to donate substantial financial aid to our partner association ASGN: thank you!

More than 700 giraffes are thus protected in this "Giraffe Zone" located just 50 km from the Nigerien capital. And not just any giraffes! We are talking here about the last wild herd in West Africa.

More than a fashion brand, girafon bleu® will assert itself this year 2022 as a holistic sustainable project around the protection of giraffes, the support of local Nigerien communities and responsible consumption.


Let's go higher for the giraffes

We warn you, we are going all out this year.

Our objective ?

1. Expand our range of eco-responsible clothing

2. Raise as many funds as possible for the giraffes

3. Treat yourself. Because after all you can have fun, dress well and defend a cause at the same time, right?


The beginning of serious things

In January 2020, direction Niger for Emmanuel, the founder of girafon bleu, who is going to meet the ASGN, our partner association dedicated to saving giraffes.

2020 is also the year when 2 new giraffes come to join Emmanuel in developing the brand. Thanks to them, girafon bleu is growing, and more than €9,000 are collected in one year for the protection of giraffes!

Finally, 2020 is also the year of the very first blue giraffe Ulule campaign. A crowdfunding campaign where more than 350 upcycled shirts were ordered.