Why re-produce matter if it already exists? And super quality on top of the market!

    That's the question we asked ourselves when we launched the very first shirts blue giraffe: 4 unisex models embroidered with our iconic blue giraffe on the pocket.

    If for the blue giraffe basics (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) we favored a 100% organic cotton fabric with the GOTS label, we chose to explore another eco-responsible method of making these new pieces: l'upcycling.

    Upcycling is recycling from above.

    In other words, we recover materials already used and already produced to create a completely new product.

    In a process ofcircular economy, we recovered rolls of fabric that had been dormant for years in sheds to create our shirts.

    These high-quality fabrics were destined for top luxury brands, but they no longer had any use for them because there were too few of them left.

    But too little for a big brand it can represent just what is needed for a smaller one!

    So we gave a second life to these so-called "end of stock" rolls to create our products.

    Discover our Ulule campaign video: the 1st shirts that save giraffes



    Upcycling in fashion is therefore another way of combining eco-responsibility and quality of materials and that is a pleasure.