How can we be sure that the funds donated to associations really serve the causes they defend? 

Our answer: by going to check it out for yourself!
In January 2020, girafon bleu went to meet its partner association theASGN: Association for the Protection of Giraffes in Niger.
girafon bleu x ASGN in search of wild giraffes.
For more than 20 years, this association has been fighting for the conservation of the last herds of giraffes in West Africa. And these giraffes are unique! They are the only ones in Africa to live outside natural reserves, they literally cohabit with the local populations: the villagers of the Kouré region.
These Niger giraffes, nicknamed "white giraffes" because of their lighter coats than other giraffes, have the distinction of being very easily approachable. They have always had the habit of mixing with the inhabitants of the region and are therefore not at all frightened by the human presence.
The loss of their natural habitat caused by deforestation is the number one source of their disappearance. In the 19th century, these West African giraffes were found from Senegal to Chad. But today, their population is entirely located in the Giraffes zone of Niger.
Only in this region can giraffes be seen so close to human habitation.

"To save the giraffes, we must also save the men and women who live with them" 

This is the signature of our partner association theASGN and its leader Omer Dovi. According to them, their mission to save the giraffes cannot be done without at the same time helping the local populations. Our partner association therefore combines its activity of research, scientific counting and defense of giraffes with a more humanitarian action, consisting mainly of the remittance of micro-credits to the various groups inhabiting the Giraffe area.
Regularly, the association will therefore go to meet the different villages that populate the giraffe zone. The facilitators of l'ASGN meet with women's groups to deliver micro-loans.
Why women? Because they are the ones who manage the life of the village. Agriculture, animal husbandry but also the education of children: over there it is the women who are moving for their community! The micro-loans that l'ASGN granted to them allow them to start income-generating activities, thus creating a mini-economy within the villages beneficial to all.
The ASGN has its new partner girafon bleu work for the delivery of micro-credits. And they are right to do so.

Awareness and economic development of villages allow local communities to respect and best preserve the natural habitat of their neighbors the giraffes. Although still very vulnerable, the latter have not ceased to reproduce in this region since the implementation of these actions. If there were around fifty 20 years ago, today there are around 600! And that's thanks to the association, and now also thanks to you, who order and proudly wear girafon bleu.

The Doué-la-Fontaine Bioparc, the link between girafon bleu and its partner association

    girafon bleu is fortunate to collaborate with theASGN thanks to the intermediary of Pierre Gay, responsible for the conservation projects of the Biopark of Doué-la-Fontaine. Today, girafon bleu pays its donations to the ASGN via the Bioparc as part of the "Nature Projects" set up by Pierre Gay, its former manager (who has now handed over to his son François).

    "A tailor-made park for endangered animals"  

    the Biopark of Doué-la-Fontaine is a one of a kind park: it features only endangered species which it also defends in their home country! Favoring the diversity of species, this zoological park dedicates immense natural spaces for animals. On a daily basis, they work for animal well-being and respect for natural behavior. 

    Emmanuel de girafon bleu meets Pierre and Omar at the Bioparc in October 2019, symbolizing the start of the partnership.


    Almost everywhere in the world, the Bioparc of Doué-la-Fontaine and Pierre Gay finance "Nature Projects" whose mission is to protect species in danger of extinction while maintaining, as with the ASGN in Niger, a humanitarian dimension. 

    The ASGN team and Pierre Gay, all dressed up as girafon bleu and striking a pose in front of the white giraffes of Niger.

    Suffice to say that girafon bleu is very proud to be the partner of these giraffe superheroes.

    Peace n Giraffes


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