In 2016 some guys started counting giraffes in Africa. And there, bad news, we learn that their population has fallen by 40% in just 30 years. These guys are actually the International Union for Conservation of Nature. This NGO identifies all endangered animal species in the world and draws up one. Today, the giraffe is on that list. The organization's website also reveals alarming figures: if there were 115,000 adult giraffes in 1985, there are more than today! 2 subspecies of giraffes are particularly endangered: the Kordofan giraffe, of which only 1,400 specimens remain on earth, and the Nubian giraffe, 455 specimens. Kordofan Giraffes (left) and Nubian Giraffe (right). The reasons for its disappearance Firstly the loss of its natural habitat linked to the expansion of agricultural activities, deforestation and climate change. Second, poaching. Poachers resell the tails and skins of giraffes to the Asian market because the latter would have therapeutic virtues according to traditional Chinese medicine (like rhino horns), wtf? The largest mammal in the world is also hunted for its meat, 1 giraffe can sometimes feed an entire village. ASGN. But there are people who are fighting against it. Superheroes. People who, like at girafon bleu, refuse that our children (or the children of our children) do not know what a. These people are the Association for the Safeguarding of Giraffes in Niger. This formidable association from Niger works with the Bioparc of Doué-la-Fontaine struggling for the conservation of the last giraffes of West Africa. Some villages in this area have to live with giraffes, and by raising funds, the association grants microcredits to villagers who live with high mammals. This harmonious cohabitation allows the giraffe population to grow. It is the first ready-to-wear brand to engage in the fight for the conservation and protection of the long-necked mammal by donating part of its profits to ASGN via the Bioparc de Doué. In addition to all this, girafon bleu offers organic cotton clothing, fair trade and particularly stylish. girafon bleu follows the Slow Fashion initiative, that is to say sustainable and committed fashion, as a means of expression. And please stop with the t-shirts with the big huge inscriptions #StopAnimalViolance, #GoVeganOrDie #KillBadPeople etc. You can dress normally and fight for a cause at the same time, right? 💙🦒girafon blue. If you are in favor, click here